Electricity generation data

Explanatory notes
Power generation (kW)Electrical power being generated in thousands of watts (kilowatts).
Screw speed (RPM)The number of revolutions the screw turbine makes per minute. This should be around 30 RPM in normal operation.
Drive speed (RPM)The number of revolutions the drive makes per minute.  A gearbox converts the screw speed to the much higher drive speed that is needed to run the generator at optimal efficiency.
Total operating (hours)The total number of hours that this turbine has been operating since it was commissioned.
Total generation (MWh)The total electricity generated by this turbine/generator since commissioning. Note this is an estimated value, taken from the control system.
Total export (MWh)The total electricity exported since commissioning, measured by a calibrated export meter.  Note this is slightly lower than the combined generation of the individual turbines, because some electricity is used in the turbine house.’

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