Want to get involved with REading Hydro?

become a member of reading Hydro

Joining our Community Benefit Society is easy – simply contact us, putting ‘membership’ in the subject headline. It costs £1 to become a member and this enables you to stay in the loop with what we’re doing, as well as have a say in how the Society is operated through voting at our AGMs

Volunteer to help run our society and our hydro scheme

Our work has changed since the hydro plant started operating. We’ve divided up roles to spread the workload. Some great new volunteers have come on board, but we still need to fill some roles. Does one of the roles below sound like you? If so please contact us putting ‘volunteer’ in the subject headline. And don’t be put off if you couldn’t cover all the tasks in a role description.

Compliance team

  • Insurance lead – to make sure that Reading Hydro maintains appropriate insurance cover and to advise on whether any new activities to be undertaken are insured. Role description

People team

  • People lead – to maintain the supportive culture of Reading Hydro, and to ensure that volunteers are recruited and supported, and concerns are followed up. Supports other volunteers in the People team. Role description.

communications and Education team

  • Teachers and others with education experience – to help develop, review and deliver our education programme.

Operations and maintenance team

  • Clearance leads and assistants – to stop debris from blocking the inlets to the turbines through both scheduled and emergency clearing – ideally volunteers who live or work near the site. Watch a video on what’s involved with being on the clearance team: https://youtu.be/o0M46AAwgn4

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Reading Hydro Members at 2018 AGM