Volunteer to help run our society and our hydro scheme

Some great new volunteers have got involved with Reading Hydro in the past year. However, we’re still looking for some more people to join our team of volunteers. Does one of the roles below sound like you? If so please email volunteer@readinghydro.org. Don’t be put off if you can’t cover all the tasks in a role description.

Compliance team

  • Insurance lead – to make sure that Reading Hydro maintains appropriate insurance cover and to advise on whether any new activities to be undertaken are insured. Role description
  • Compliance lead – to conduct periodic checks to make sure that Reading Hydro is complying with its licences, permits and permissions, its insurance policy, the relevant electrical regulations, equipment supplier maintenance requirements, and the conditions of its FiT accreditation. Role description.
  • Controlled document manager – to make sure that documents written by Reading Hydro like its operating procedures and health & safety and volunteer handbooks are reviewed and approved and that current versions are available to people that need them. Role description.

communications and Education team

  • Visits coordinator – to organise visits for members and other people interested in Reading Hydro. Role description.
  • Events coordinator – to arrange for Reading Hydro to have an active presence at local events.
  • Teachers and others with education experience – to help develop, review and deliver our education programme.
  • Communication materials manager – to keep all our communications materials organised and up-to-date.

Right now, we’re fortunate to have enough volunteers to undertake practical work on site. But let us know if you’d be interested in helping with this, and we can get back to you when more help is needed in future.

keep in touch

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If you support Reading Hydro’s aims, you can join our Community Benefit Society to stay in the loop with what we’re doing, and have a say in how the Society is operated through voting at our AGMs. Simply contact us, putting ‘membership’ in the subject headline. It costs £1 to become a member.

Reading Hydro Members at 2018 AGM