Reading Hydro has open events you can come along to to find out more about the project.

We also host a number of ‘focused’ meetings for members on areas such as technical data, ecology, and publicity (amongst many others). These meetings are a chance for Reading Hydro to gather ideas, listen to our members and the public as well as share our progress with you in a fun, friendly way! We welcome our community to attend these meet-ups so that you can help guide and support our project towards success.

Our Action Evenings are a chance for members to get involved with the project
Our events happen both in person and digitally – get involved!

You can find out about our upcoming events by joining our Facebook Group. You’ll also see them listed in our regularly updated calendar.

Many of our 2020 events have gone digital on Zoom, so if you want to be involved, get in touch so we can pass you the invite!

See some of our past get-togethers below