Author name: Stuart Ward

What are the carbon emissions from the hydro scheme?

There will be carbon emissions from the construction of the hydro plant, but once operating it generates zero-carbon electricity. Averaged over construction and its operating life, a run-of-river scheme like Reading Hydro produces about 0.01 kg of CO2-equivalent for every kWh of electricity generated. That’s far lower than the gas fired (0.45kg/kWh) or coal fired (0.94g/kWh) electricity that it will replace.

Minimum Target Reached

We hit an important milestone today when our application went passed the minimum amount of £426 K so we are in a position when we can actually start the ordering process. Applications now stand at £435,993 which is 62.3% of the £700,000 total.

Nearly at the minimum target

We are just short of the minimum target value of £426,000. We have £422,392 committed to the project (60.3% of the £700,000 target), and 22 days left in the offer period. Many thanks to those who have applied, and if you have pre-registered and not applied – get in quick!

Is my investment guaranteed?

In short, no. Our business case is based on expert advice, historical river data and cautious assumptions on future costs and prices. From this, we’ve estimated the annual return to shareholders, the rate at which we will repay your capital, and the amount available for community benefit. But these cannot be guaranteed because, as with …

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Can anyone apply for shares?

Individuals aged over 16, companies and organisations may apply for shares, and relatives can hold them for children under 16. Ideally, we want to raise this money from the local community. To apply for shares go to #rdguk #sustainable #greenenergy

Thank you Reading Farmers Market

We would like to say a huge thank you to Reading Farmers Market who so kindly let us come to their events. We were able to speak to lots you from the local Reading community and tell you all about our exciting hydro power scheme. #rdguk #sustainable #greenenergy

Invite to our Open Information Sessions

We would like to invite you to our Open Information Sessions.
Monday 27 January 7.30pm – 9pm at Watlington House, 44 Watlington Street, RG1 4RJ or Tuesday 28 January 12.30pm – 2pm at Reading Borough Council Civic Offices, Bridge Street, RG1 2LU
We look forward to meeting you.

Will the power plant generate power 24/7 all year round?

We will hopefully start producing electricity in November. Historic data suggests the scheme will be operational for 70% of the year, generating about 320MWh of renewable electricity each year. Email us at with any questions. #rdguk #sustainable

What will the impact be on fish?

A new fish pass will be made as part of the scheme. It is a natural design and allows fish and eels to move upstream and will improve the river environment. Email us with any questions on the environmental impact at #rdguk #sustainable #greenenergy

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