Delivery of the Archimedes Screw Turbines

Reading Hydro CBS is very pleased to announce that our two screw turbines have been placed into their new housings on Tuesday 27th April 2021. Built by SpaansBabcock and rated 46kW total energy output, the screws were successfully delivered to our site by Caversham Weir. The challenging operation, including use of a 12-tonne crane, went off without a hitch; we thank our team, Spaans and our crane operator for their superb work in achieving this success.

The next few weeks will involve affixing the screws properly into their housings, as well as carrying out the full commissioning of the system. In the mean time, check out a selection of images from the day below; we’re also hoping to compile a video in the coming weeks to help mark this occasion. The Board passes its thanks onto you, our shareholders and community, as well as Reading, for supporting us this far. We are looking forward to commencing generation of clean, sustainable electricity in the near future.

Our particular thanks to Ian G. for the wonderful aerial image!

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