Mural competition winner announced

Reading Hydro are pleased to announce that the submitted design of Guglielmo Miccolupi, of Commando Jugendstil, has been selected as the winner of our competition to design a new community mural on our Turbine House by the Caversham Weir, in Reading, UK. Commando Jugendstil will be familiar to many in Reading as the collective leading the Transition Network workshops exploring the sustainable future of our local community out to 2045. Reading Hydro are thrilled to be working with the collective to add to the growing public art scene in the town.

The entry, entitled ‘Community Energym’, conceives of the water of the River Thames going to the gym and using the machines to exercise and generate energy, with help from both Archimedes and Mother Thames. The design appealed to our judging panel for its universal attraction and extremely high quality execution. The full design will be publicly unveiled in the coming weeks both jointly at our site and on our website.

“We wanted to create a visual that could be both playful and engaging, so we played with the concept of water generating energy, and we came up with the idea of drops of water going to the gym, doing sports and using the machines to generate energy. We thought this could be a fun and powerful metaphor to show the interaction between the river and the turbines”.

Commando Jugendstil

Our warmest congratulations to Guglielmo and the collective for winning, and our sincerest thanks to the 10 other artists who provided such strong and beautiful submissions. Reading Hydro firmly believes that the high standard of submissions received reflects a strong and growing artistic community within the town, and that our mural will contribute to the bright future for cultural works and opportunities in Reading.

The Directors
Reading Hydro CBS

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