Draughtproofing & insulation

Reading Hydro was set up to provide local renewable energy, because this cuts climate heating, cuts air pollution, and cuts the control of big energy businesses.

But reducing the use of energy matters too. It brings these same benefits, and in addition cuts costs for the energy-user.

That’s why we’re delighted to see a new book published on ‘Draughtproofing and insulation’ by Tony Cowling, Founder director of Reading Hydro.

Draughtproofing is usually the most cost-effective way to reduce energy use in homes. But it’s often overlooked, even though it can be simple and cheap. Tony has championed this for many years through the Draughtbusters project which offers practical help to people struggling to pay their heating bills because their homes are cold and draughty. It’s great that this practical experience is now in print for everyone to use.

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