November Updates

Greetings from the Hydro team! We now have a viable financial model and we will be issuing the full public share offer shortly after Christmas. Detailed plans for the Twin Archimedes screws are being drawn up as we speak and we hope to place an order for these as soon as funds have been raised! […]

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We’ve bean busy!

It’s been a busy couple of months for Reading Hydro since our AGM at the end of March. Firstly we want to say thank you to all who joined us there, voted, ate cake and helped us take Reading Hydro forward. Alongside this a huge and overdue welcome to all our new members that joined

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Join us for our AGM, ACTION EVENING (and cake!) – 27th of March, 7:30pm to 10:00pm The Outlook

Come along to Reading Hydro’s 2nd AGM , hear updates, get involved and celebrate the progress we’ve all made! We’ll be sharing where we’re up to with the project and reflect what we’ve done towards our objectives. Then carry on building on this together. As a member it’s important that you are able to share

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Hydro Reflections

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Reading to have a Hydro Energy scheme on Caversham Weir that would be able to fund and support sustainability community projects in Reading? Only a few years ago, in 2013, this was the origins of the idea being explored the Transition Town Reading Energy Group. Like all good ideas, it

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Seasonal hydro greetings

A huge thanks to all our volunteers, members and supporters for helping Reading Hydro progress so much in 2017. Here’s to an amazing and energy filled (renewable) 2018 where we’ve already got some exciting plans in the “pipeline” from your ideas (so better recharge those batteries before): Working with schools on educational resources and activities Building

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What Could Reading Be Like In 2050?

Reading 2050 was established in 2013 by the School of the Built Environment, Barton Wilmore and Reading UK CIC to deliver a strategic, long-term vision that will support the delivery of Reading’s legacy of a truly smart & sustainable city.  The Reading 2050 lecture series  was recently launched at the newly opened Thames Lido,  as a platform to further

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